Friday, 10 February 2017

The top with the magic neckband

The Sew Over It Molly Top (a pattern in the City Break e-book) is a pretty basic jersey top with a slightly scooped neckline and cut on sleeves. It comes as both a top and a dress pattern, and I’ve made 3 of the tops for myself. 

The first was from a very drapey maroon viscose jersey that I wear with navy/maroon checked PJ bottoms.  I made this version exactly as per the pattern, and while it is very comfortable I made just one tweak to the pattern after making it.  Firstly, I raised the cut on sleeve back up the arm by 8cm.  I found the very low attached sleeve too sloppy looking, and slightly irritating almost in the crook of my elbow.  I lengthened the sleeve by the same amount and think this is a much neater look.

The best part about the pattern is the neckline.  It’s a great gentle scoop and each time I have made it the band has been the right length to stitch on without fussing around with it.  It is quite wide, which gives it a casual look, and in very drapey fabric I would recommend a slightly narrower band as I think it looks too loose.

I’ve not made any curved hem versions yet, but assuming that I am going to make another I will tackle that then – I am thinking about a striped body and plain sleeves (same colour as the background colour on the striped fabric).  Now to find the right pair of fabrics…

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