Sunday, 19 February 2017

Weekend in Cardiff

Geoff and I had a great time in Cardiff last weekend – we ate our bodyweight in welshcakes (before we found out how much lard was in them) and really enjoyed walking around Cardiff, a beautiful, small town, about 2 hours from London by train.

We had unwittingly booked our weekend in Cardiff to coincide with the England v Wales rugby match.  Luckily, Welsh rugby fans are remarkably relaxed even when they lose, and there wasn’t much noise following this loss.  Timing our visit this way meant that on Saturday the city centre was packed with fans, people offering daffodils (the Welsh flower), selling scarves and doing face painting – quite a carnival like atmosphere. 

As well as the delicious welshcakes, we ate a huge ice cream sundae in honour of Geoff’s 34th birthday, some delicious cupcakes and fabulous pasties with welsh rarebit inside. 

We explored the castle and park, wandered through the pretty city centre and down to the marina area where we went insidethe Senedd (the Welsh parliament).  

The Senedd is beautiful - all made of glass and curved wood - and hosts 60 parliamentarians, as well as the staffers.  

Cardiff was a really interesting mix of old and modern, with most things still far below London prices!

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