Sunday, 5 February 2017

Just 1 length of thread per day

Back in August last year I spotted some vintage silk panels on sale at Fabric Godmother, and while there were some pattern suggestions, I thought that it would be best as a square scarf to really show off the distinctive print. 

When the panel arrived I was happy to see that it was a beautifully textured silk, almost a basket weave texture, but as it’s quite loose I knew that this would be a hand-sewing job.  And of course, I put it off.  And off.  Finally, I committed this year to the theme of ‘Active’ and I decided that included no more procrastination (so I mended a pair of Geoff’s trousers), and set to work sewing a hand rolled hem around the edge of the silk panel.

I committed to 1 length of thread per day, though could do more if I felt like it.  Sometimes it seemed to fly by.  Other days I struggled to do just the 1.

The Colette tutorial suggested sewing around the edges, ¼ of an inch in, as a guide, but given the age and weave of the fabric I was reluctant to do that.  Instead, I followed a hand sewing only tutorial.  My stitches were not perfect, and certainly were not simply just 1 thread of the fabric, but I am very pleased with the end results and love wearing my garlic scarf.

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