Friday, 1 April 2016

To Handweavers we must go

Geoff, Lucia and I made a trip to Seven Sisters to go to the Handweaver's Gallery and Studio.  Mostly to buy some cotton for Geoff, but a good opportunity for Lucia and I to explore a different wool shop in London.  

'Wool' shop is absolutely not the right word to use - the array of different fibres was eye-popping.  In the back of the shop there were bags, and tubs of fibres coming from different sheep breeds, different varieties of alpaca and also silk, cashmere and other heavenly soft things. 

The main part of the shop is divided by book shelves, and offers amazing colours of yarn in many different fibre blends - including some seriously shiny cottons which were mesmerising. 

The 'gallery' aspect was the show of felted animal masks and figuerines, and my favourite was this beautiful blue and white bird mask. 

The sharp deliniation of the blue around the eyes and nose is lovely, but the I find the blending of the white into blue at the top truly lovely.

This is a shop which can be quite intimidating at first blush, the price tags are confusing (with prices, and amounts of yarn, expressed in weight rather than per cone, or per spool as you may expect) and you should expect to do some maths to work out how much yarn you are getting (the price tag lists the metres per kilogram).  However, the range of colours and fibres is unparalleled in London - the mesmerisingly shiny cotton being my favourite in the shop, though not the yarn that I bought!

I purchased 4 of the small 25 gram spools of merino/tencel - 1 black, 2 mid grey and 1 pale grey to make a cowl that I can wear with my brighter (aka pink) clothes.

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