Sunday, 20 March 2016

It's hot cross bun time

While I miss having a full kitchen, stocked pantry and baking supplies on hand, it’s special occasion baking that I miss the most.  Geoff’s birthday involved cupcakes procured from Crumbs and Doilies (delicious, don’t get me wrong).  Christmas mince pies, cakes and the pudding were supplied by various high street retailers (M&S all butter mince pies being the clear favourite).  And now it’s time for hot cross buns.

Our favourite - a good amount of fruit, a little bit of peel and just enough spice

A couple of years ago I took an Easter baking class at the Gewurzhaus, in the Prahran store which has a generously sized classroom in the rear.  Taught by a German woman, we covered a variety of European easter baking.  I’ve made both the Torta Pasquale (spinach and egg pie) and hot cross buns many times since.

Piled high at Marks & Spencer

This year, as we are bereft of baking supplies and necessary kitchen equipment it will be procured hot cross buns all the way.  The M&S chocolate chip hot cross buns have already been recommended, with lashings of salted butter – they’re the ones in the blue packet.  There are plenty of other options – more than in Australia – such as apple (rather than mixed fruit), St Clements (orange) or fig and cranberry.  We have been trying the full gamut of options, starting from 27 Feb, which we agreed was the appropriate start date.

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