Wednesday, 20 April 2016

And they are done

They don’t feel, well, nice.  In true ‘Princess and the Pea’ fashion, I can feel of the change from the purl side to the knit side on the side of my feet (a good portion of the top of the foot is all purled) and I don’t like it.  

The few rows of twisted ribbing at the top are a little loose but then the swirling twisted ribbing pattern on the leg is too tight.  It’s a real effort to get these over my heel, though once on the heel sits beautifully.

The swoops and swirls of the pattern is attractive, and the yarn over holes are stacked in neat columns.  The pattern is well written, cleanly laid out and the charts are large.  The pdf pattern does take a number of pages (4 pages of charts alone) but there is no need to print everything – I discarded the pretty pictures, the information about abbreviations and the like.

But now these socks are looking for a new home.

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