Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The food delights in Copenhagen

Geoff and I ate everything that Copenhagen threw at us!  We went to supermarkets, posh indoor farmer's markets/food halls, funny Italian restaurants where you could also get a mango lassi, bakeries, chocolatiers and everything in between!

Highlight 1 - Smorrebrod

Basically an open faced sandwich with very beautiful (and delicious) toppings.  Geoff and I shared three for lunch one day.  The first was rare roast beef, topped with pickled vegies (onions, cucumber and cauliflower), grated horseradish and deep fried onion. 
Smorrebrod, Torvehallerne, Copenhage

The second was potato salad, which came with lemon, mayo, chives and deep fried onion and the third was raw salmon topped with shaved pickled fennel and grapefruit segments. 

Highlight 2 - Torvehallerne
Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

This is the posh indoor farmer's market/food hall referred to above, full of delicious produce - coffee, alcohol, seafood and beef and fruit and vegetables.  We enjoyed fish fritters, fresh salads, tuna sashimi, poached salmon and all kinds of bread and pastries. 

Torvehallerne is made up of 2 halls on Israelplads, near the Norreport metro station - very accessible!  The stall holders were friendly and swapped between Danish and English without even trying (as did most Danes with whom we interacted).  Torvehallerne contains almost too many delicious choices - and if we'd had access to a full kitchen we would have stocked up on some of the amazing looking raw produce for a cooking fiesta!
Rye bread, Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

In addition to fresh and ready made food, there were some amazing kitchen supplies.  I wish we'd had more than just carry-on luggage and I would have bought a kitchen knife. 
Copenhagen, Ro chokolade, Copenhagen chocolate

Some other delicious stops we made included Ro Chokolade (we ate truffles), Coffee Collective (coffee was quite milky), Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Karamelleriet (handmade caramels and fudge), Summerbird chocolates (delicious marzipan and I don't normally like marzipan) and perhaps least surprising to those who know Geoff, we went to The Donut Shop

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