Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Now that we are two months passed the winter solstice, the days are noticeably longer.  It’s no longer dark while I am out running before work, and it shall soon be twilight as I leave work.  The weekend days feel significantly longer than in January, and I am pleased.
Daffodils, Spring, London, Golders, Golders Green

There are other signs of Spring – daffodils and snow drops in the nature strips and parks.  The smell of jasmine in unexpected green spaces in the city.  It seems too early, and although (meterological) spring will start soon, I expect that it will still be rather cold in London – after all, we experienced top temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees last May. 

But the nights will be warmer, the days will be longer.  Eventually the heaters will turn off for a few months, and one day, we will open the window and let in the spring breeze. I am already plotting how to spend my summery birthday.

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