Thursday, 11 February 2016

Saul Leiter & Ors

The Photographer's Gallery is currently hosting 3 main exhibitions - a Saul Leiter retrospective, an installation by Rosangelo Renno and photographs documenting the Easter Uprising 1916. 

The Photographer's Gallery is one of my favourite places in London.  A variety of exhibitions that change relatively quickly so I feel a fairly regular impetus to visit.  Free admission before midday and only 3 quid thereafter.  They also have a really great bookshop and a print sales room (I wish!). 

The Saul Leiter retrospective is the exhibition I enjoyed the most this time, though I hadn't heard of him before the visit.  An American, a painter by trade, and a real proponent of colour photography.  I really enjoyed Leiter's use of reflection and framing in the images, and hand colouring over the top which really highlighted his skills as a painter.  

Saul Leiter, London, Photographer's Gallery
This one is my favourite image from the exhibition - ignore the reflection of other attendees!  I love the framing of the umbrella, the flashes of other colour in the image and the way my eye is drawn in different directions by the geometry of the image. 

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