Friday, 15 January 2016

The raspberry challenge

Through the combination of AQIS and sheer distance, it was much easier to cook seasonally in Australia. 

Fresh figs were available from February to April, brussels sprouts in winter, and my favourite, raspberries, were summer fruit.  It's a treat to see them at the market, an immediate opportunity for miso glazed figs or to make little apricot cakes

As the weather turned, the summer berries and stone fruits were replaced by early season apples and eventually even the tegan blue plum would cede to mandarins. Our fruit bowl once full of various purples and reds of the summer fruits, would fill up with apples and Geoff's bananas.

food, apples, globalisation
Crunchy and crispy
Winter's staple fruit in our household
Summer come quickly!

In the UK, there doesn't seem to be any restriction on mporting fresh food. A pineapple from Costa Rica costs just £1; a punnet of Spanish raspberries is £2 and lovely, red tomatoes are available at bargain basement prices too. 

It's really easy to say 'I want to eat seasonally' or more broadly, find ways to minimise my footprint on the earth.  But I'm finding it really hard to resist my favourite foods when they are easily available. 

I'd be interested to hear any tips of following through on the commitment to eat seasonally - though we don't have a freezer to store fruits bought in season. 

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