Monday, 18 January 2016

Lumiere London

From 14 to 17 January London was awash with light for the inaugural Lumiere London, or as the organisers say, an opportunity to see London in a new light!

I have no idea what the predictions were for attenddee numbers but it was incredibly crowde.  Geoff and I decided to focus on just one area, around Kings Cross and Granary Square which is one of my favourite areas in summer.  However, some of the installations were tucked in quite awkward lanes, or dead ends, which made movement around the area quite difficult.

Lumiere London, Circus of Light, Granary Square, Kings Cross, London
 Geoff at the Circus of Light

My favourite piece was down on the canal, and looked like  equalisers that appeared on stereos when I was a kid.  Each panel turned independently of the others, and at different speeds.  This, combined with the reflection on the canal looked magical.

Lumiere London, Binary Waves, Granary Square, Kings Cross, London
Binary Waves by LAB[au] at Regent's Canal

The other installation I really enjoyed was a piece that looked like a mirrored satelite dish and captured and threw light in different patterns as it turned and the dish moved from horizontal to near vertical. 

Lumiere London, Spectra-3, Granary Square, Kings Cross, London
Spectra-3 by

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