Sunday, 25 June 2017

My Caravan Tote

I made the Caravan Tote, a pattern by Noodlehead, and I am impressed – so much so that I stopped my knit night and made them pay attention to the bag!

Most impressive is the front zip pocket.  The instructions were made up on many steps – each one simple – but as someone who struggles to visualise things I was completely surprised that it worked out so neatly.  It really is clever – the seams are entirely finished and the pocket itself is quite useful. 

There are lots of little steps that end up improving the bag – like the stitch line toward the bottom of the bag which helps the bag sit nicely.

The only thing that wasn’t clear was how far to insert the straps and next time I would leave more of the strap in the body of the bag (between the layers of various fabric) – this would probably require longer straps than the pattern calls for. 

Overall it’s a very well written pattern. 

It's made up of many short steps – the vast majority of which are well described and easy to follow.

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