Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lazy days in Larnaca

Geoff and I headed off on a Hellenic tour – a few days in Cyprus, then a few more in Greece.  Firstly, Larnaca in the southern (Greek) part of Cyprus. 

A mostly flat, sun-bleached town on the beach, Larnaca was a perfect place to spend a weekend in lovely weather, sunshine, sea and eating seafood.

After an early start in London, we arrived just before sunset in Larnaca, with just a short cab ride from the airport to our hotel.  

Naturally we headed straight to the beach, and wandered along the sand and dipped our toes in the water before the first of multiple dinners of calamari!

We did some exploration of the town – we went to the church where St Lazarus was buried (the second time, of course).  It was so different to the cathedrals and churches that we had visited across the UK and Europe – from the Bristol Cathedral to local churches in Krakow, Poland, we had become used to a certain look.  The St Lazarus church was entirely different – absolutely dripping in gilt and iconography, very little floor space and very small.  Underneath the church is the tomb of St Lazarus where people come to drink the water, or anoint themselves (and their children) for good fortune.

Larnaca is full of tiny streets, none of which are straight, and we wandered along them – stopping in at little shops selling ceramics, honey, nuts and religious icons (and bought none).

Mostly we soaked up the sunshine, and bathed in the ocean.  It was low tide during the day, so we had to wade a fair way out to get to deep enough water, which was easy enough as the beach is a bay with pretty calm water.

More seafood followed, with more beach wandering.

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