Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Carpino

Or the sweater that took a long time to knit.  

I cast this jumper on in late April, to have a green sweater for Spring.  Then I got distracted (which is rare as  I usually cast on and focus on a couple of projects at any one time).   Instead, I knitted my linen shawl, a red cardigan and a shawl for someone else.  Then I picked up the green sweater. 

I had already performed the trickiest of knitting gymnastics when I started again. I decided to lower the front neckline so had to knit the lace pattern to include increases, and flat (rather than in the round immediately). I managed it, and ended up knitting the chart from left to right, rather than the usual right to left.  Thank goodness I scribbled a note on the pattern to that effect.

I only did a couple of sets of decreases after the bust, as I prefer some positive ease around the waist of a jumper.  I did the ‘normal’ amount of increases for my hips (6 sets, 4 on each set) and then the usual decrease of about 10% of the total number of stitches in the round immediately before I did the ribbing around the bottom. I dropped down 2 needle sizes, rather than just 1, to do the ribbing and am very pleased with how it looks.  I did just 5 rounds of ribbing around the neck, rather than the I cord called for in the pattern.

Three-quarter sleeves, also as per usual for me, though the body is even longer than normal.  I thought the lace pattern may grow a little width wise when worn, so there is some allowance there.Interestingly, the garment very clearly biases when it is laid flat.  I presume mine is going in the opposite direction to most others as I knit the chart opposite to most.

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