Sunday, 3 December 2017


A few weeks ago, I went to the Hokusai exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (with Geoff).  Of course, one of the highlights was The Wave – in fact, 2 highlights as they had 2 different prints (a few hundred apart in the print run) which meant you could see how the precision of the lino cut would deteriorate over the course of prints.

However, the exhibition was considerably larger than the well know Wave and Mt Fuji related prints.  The botanical and bird prints were really beautiful – softer colours of green, peach and pink, and of interesting birds and flowers. Ultimately, I was captivated by the water prints and my mind immediately turned to the waves mittens in Making Magazine, issue 3, as well as some tonal blue Infinity Twist yarn in my stash, and off I went.

I cast on for the middle size, knit the requisite ribbing and moved in to the colour work pattern.  I was particularly captivated by the long, slow growing thumb gusset.  It started on the 3rd round of colourwork and stretched out over 28 rows.  I find that it fits really well.

I made mitts, rather than mittens, given the climate in Melbourne.  Since I didn’t have the space over the fingers to transition from waves to dots, I changed the colourwork to separate those 2 elements.  I also decreased 6 stitches before I moved into the top ribbing to get a closer fit. 

Again, due to lack of space I changed the thumb.  This time I simply finished in stockinette and ribbing in the background colour as I didn’t fancy colourwork over such a small circumference!

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