Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A (mostly) black day dress

In the next part of my #makenine sewing project (which may be turning into a make eight) I’ve recently completed a more formal version of the Avid Seamstress Day Dress.  Although, I don’t know if I would describe the dress as coming from their pattern once you consider all modifications that I made. 

To begin with, the bodice is entirely different and comes from the bodice pattern drafting class I did at Ray Stitch, in London, in May this year.  I’m still not entirely happy with it – in particular, I’m not sure if the arm hole is deep enough.  I think I need to try on some ready to wear clothes and probably deepen the arm hole by about 1cm. 

I did the pleated skirt variation, using the tutorial on the Avid Seamstress blog.  Do not use the tutorial – it is incredibly verbose and unclear and the numbers did not work for me.  Further, I think the skirt pattern needs to be cut wider to enable deeper pleats. 

Ultimately, this dress is a great option for occasions, rather than a work dress because it’s quite restrictive through the sleeves (which is why I think the arm hole isn’t deep enough!) 

I absolutely adore the fabric – the Nani Iro sateen is lovely, and the print is fantastic.  The metallic areas do feel a little thicker or firmer, but looks wonderful, so definitely worth it.  I’ve bought another print from the fabric line for another dress.

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