Sunday, 16 July 2017

A stopover in KL

On our way back to Melbourne, Geoff and I stopped for 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The focus of the trip was really to relax, de-frost (even the last day in London was nice weather, the preceding months had not been warm) and de-jetlag.

We failed miserably on the last aim, but to make up for it, we were very warm, enjoyed the hotel pool and ate great food. 

We went up the Petronus Towers and enjoyed the very controlled visit.  You’re allowed a set period of time on each floor before the guides shoo you back to the lift and up (or down) to the next level.  We went up in late afternoon and had a great view out over the urban sprawl of KL until the rain came across, which completely obscured parts of the city, but was impressive to watch.

We managed to mis-time our return to our hotel and got in a cab at the same time as every other person in KL, but we eventually got back, dried off and when the rain passed we headed out to the night market for dinner – grilled fish, satay skewers, dumplings and dragon’s breath.

Friends had recommended a specific stall at the night market on Jalan Alor and we were delighted with dinner.

Walking along Jalan Alor was great – so much delicious food on offer on the different stalls. 

A pity it was only a night market, as we only had 3 dinners in KL which was not enough time to try all the enticing food. 

In between eating, we did a lot of lounging by the hotel pool and in the hotel.  A very relaxing break after all the hard work of packing up our lives in London.  

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