Thursday, 23 March 2017


Geoff and I headed off on our ‘grand tour’ of Scotland – Shetland, via Aberdeen.   

We flew into Aberdeen, ate lunch in a castle, did a quick turn around the city and headed off to the ferry to Shetland. 

Perhaps that’s over simplifying Aberdeen – we weren’t really there for long enough to get much sense of the place.  It was a glorious, sunny day and the granite buildings all looked spectacular – especially the council buildings near Marischal Square

Geoff managed to squeeze in his first haggis meal of the trip – assuring me that there would be many more to come.  

Then it was off to the ferry for the overnight trip to Shetland, which wasn’t delightful, but was perfectly comfortable (if a little cold on the ferry itself).  The view from the upper deck as we left Aberdeen was glorious.

Though it was incredibly wind – which really was an indication of the way things would be in Shetland.  

And certainly the wind continued out on Shetland!

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