Sunday, 29 January 2017

While we were in Berlin we did not go hungry!

Naturally, Geoff had to try some curry-wurst. I’m not sure how authentic this experience was, though perhaps it’s hard to have an authentic experience when the dish is made up of sausage, tomato ketchup and curry spices.  He liked it, but it’s not something we’re adding to our dining repertoire on a regular basis. 

Probably the food highlight was Street Food Thursday at Markthalle.  A giant shed, full of little stalls selling just a couple of items each.  The queues were long at a lot of places, even when we got there at 5:30pm for a drink before dinner, but definitely worth waiting for.  We had a sushi burger and some koshari for dinner. 

Dinner was probably just beaten by dessert – a slice of triple chocolate cake from Aunt Bennys. 

At (Fassbender and) Rausch we had a delicious hot chocolate and cake each, in grand surrounds.  Waiters in waistcoats and silver service, all for cake! 

DaDa Felafel is simultaneously described as having fabulous food, and awful service, and our expectations were met on both fronts.  We each had a really delicious falafel plate – felafels, hummus, salads and bread, all supplied by a surly waitress.  It wasn’t personal – everyone around us was treated the same!  Finally we welcomed the new year with a champagne donut.

There were quite a few other places on my ‘to eat’ list, so plenty of reasons to return!

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