Thursday, 29 September 2016

I knitted something ugly

I knitted something ugly.   It’s been a while since that happened. It’s not one individual problem, but rather there are a number of elements that I don’t like, and all combine to form an ugly shawl (in my subjective opinion).

This is the Vertices Unite pattern, by Stephen West.  There are lots of lovely versions on Ravelry, and even a few lovely options being knit by people in my knitting group right now.

The yarns feel lovely – soft, drapey, generally enjoyable to knit with.  The shawl feels nice, smooth, and soft.


I don’t like the colours together – and some I don’t even really like on their own. I think it looks busy, and messy. 

I am sure I will be able to find an owner that can appreciate it, but this won’t be staying in my wardrobe

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