Sunday, 8 May 2016

My new toy

It’s a truth universally acknowledge that a person who sews* must be bereft when denied a sewing machine.  Well, bereft no longer as I’ve recently come into possession of a JL110 -  a basic, 14 stitch selection machine, suitable for light to medium fabrics.

*aka sewer, which is not a pleasant word when written.

I’ve begun the break in/get to know you process with the as-yet nameless machine.  I started gently with a couple of pocket squares for Geoff.  Quite frankly, the ironing and cutting mitred corners takes far longer than the 4 straight sewn lines that are required.  I moved onto a drawstring bag for a friend’s knitting project, and finally some pyjama shorts for summer. 

The forays into sewing have required forays into fabric shopping, and it’s been a mixed experience.  I’ve tried the lovely shops in Soho (Berwick St) but those shops are full of crazily expensive, mostly ostentatious fabric (to match the crazily expensive rents for the shops no doubt).  I visited the shops on Goldhawk Rd but was intimidated by the lack of information on the bolts. I don’t want to ask about each appealing fabric, nor do I know enough to judge the fabric content by feel alone.  I’ve mail ordered samples but when ready to order (only a day or so after receiving said samples) the fabrics are no longer available.

Finally, I was turned on to Rolls and Rems on Seven Sisters Rd in Holloway/Nag’s Head.  A very neatly organised, but jam-packed store with a reasonably priced range of basics (different cottons, wools and jerseys) and some dance wear, as well as some muppet like faux furs. Ultimately, I’ve ended up ordering some ponte, some jersey and some cotton, and purchased some other cottons, zips, threads and lining at Rolls and Rems and have begun the process of rejuvenating my wardrobe.

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